SKU-DIP35100ZN DN100

SKU-DIP35150ZN DN150

SKU-DIP35200ZN DN200

SKU-DIP35225ZN DN225

SKU-DIP35250ZN DN250

SKU-DIP35300ZN DN300

SKU-DIP35375ZN DN375

SKU-DIP35450ZN DN450

SKU-DIP35500ZN DN500

SKU-DIP35600ZN DN600

Field of use:
For drinking water networks and other water networks 
Main characteristics:
AS TYTON® TYPE joint in EPDM (supplied by Hultec) to AS1646
External coating:
ZINALIUM® alloy Zn85Al15 (400 g/m²)
Blue cobalt synthetic pore sealer minimum 100 microns to AS3750.19
Internal coating:
Blast Furnace Slag Cement mortar (BFSC) to AS3972 type GB
If required can seal coated with Interline 876 to ISO 16132
In conformance to AS/NZS 2280:2014
Water contact areas tested to AS/NZS 4020:2005
Available Diameter Range
DN100, 150, 200, 225, 250, 300, 375, 450, 500, 600
Pressure Rating
PN35 – Red mark on socket face
Flange Class – Blue mark on socket face
Automatic push in Tyton type rubber ring joint - DN100 to 600
Anchoring System
Tyton-Lok® restraint joint available - DN100 to 375
DN100-250: 3.5°
DN300-600: 2.5°

External coating
ZINALIUM® alloy Zn85Al15 (400 g/m²) with a Blue cobalt synthetic pore sealer top coat.
Ductile iron pipes with ZINALIUM® can be buried in direct contact with soil (No LPS) except in the following situations:
Soils with a resistivity lower than 500 Ω.cm
Peaty and acid soils
Soils containing acidic industrial effluents, ashes or slag
Internal coating
Blast furnace cement mortar (BFSC)
DN100 to DN500: L=5.75m
DN600 L=6.00m

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