Sluice Valves


SKU-RSV50 50mm


SKU-RSV100AS-FL 100mm

SKU-RSV150AS-FL 150mm

SKU-RSV200AS-FL 200mm

SKU-RSV250AS-FL 250mm

SKU-RSV300AS-FL 300mm

SKU-RSV375AS-FL 375mm

SKU-RSV400AS-FL 400mm

SKU-RSV450AS-FL 450mm

SKU-RSV500AS-FL 500mm

SKU-RSV600AS-FL 600mm

  • For use in Potable Water, Waste Water, Fire, Irrigation, Water Circulation and Heating and Cooling applications and are suitable for both above and below ground installation.


  • Size range: DN 80-DN 600(DN50 and DN65 also available not to AS/NZS2638.2)
  • Allowable Operating Pressure:1600 kPa; 1.6 Mpa
  • Maximum Test Pressure: 2400 kPa, 2.4 Mpa
  • Maximum Temperature: 40 Deg C
  • End Connection: Flanged to AS 4087 (Table E drilling also available for DN 150 and above) Socketed, Spigoted and Roll Grooved

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