SKU-FQS-4 100mm

SKU-FQS-6 150mm

SKU-FQS-8 200mm

  • Meets ASTM C 923
  • When tested in Concrete Manholes:
  • Creates a compression seal that is water tight up to 10 psi
  • Can handle up to 7 degrees of deflection
  • Easy color identification - Grey = Sch 40, Green = SDR-35
  • Not dependant on the host pipe size, type or material
  • Reduced complexity: 1 QwikSeal = Many Solutions
  • Less inventory = More turns


  • FQS-4      Fernco Qwik Seal 100mm
  • FQS-6      Fernco Qwik Seal 150mm
  • FQS-8      Fernco Qwik Seal 200mm

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