DZR Female Gate Valve


SKU-GVDZR15 15mm

SKU-GVDZR20 20mm

SKU-GVDZR25 25mm

SKU-GVDZR32 32mm

SKU-GVDZR40 40mm

SKU-GVDZR50 50mm

For use in a wide variety of sectors: heating, air conditioning, water, sanitary systems, oil pipelines, gasoline networks, saturated steam and generally with any non corrosive liquid.

Made in compliance with the quality management requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008.

All articles are tested according to the standard EN 12266-1:2003.

Brass Alloy complies with standard EN 12165-CW602N-M.

  • Nominal Pressure PN20
  • Operating temperature -10°C to + 180°C
  • AS1628 approved
  • AS4020 potable water

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