Bronze Female with Handwheel


SKU-GVBAS15 15mm

SKU-GVBAS20 20mm

SKU-GVBAS25 25mm

SKU-GVBAS32 32mm

SKU-GVBAS40 40mm

SKU-GVBAS50 50mm

SKU-GVBAS65 65mm

SKU-GVBAS80 80mm

SKU-GVBAS100 100mm

  • AS1628 Australian Standard Pressure
  • Shell test pressure 3750 kpa
  • Seat test pressure 2850 kpa
  • Female threaded ends complying with BS21[ISO 7]
  • Dezincification resistant

Allowable pressure

  • Allowable operating pressure 2500 kpa
  • Allowable maximum operating pressure 2850 kpa
  • Allowable test pressure 3750 kpa

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